Yep that’s me in the picture above, at the top of a mountain, looking pretty happy with myself. Ever had those moments? Are they more often than not? Or are the days of feeling stuck to your bed, unable to get out when the alarm goes off more habitual than, the exhilaration of looking out over a mountain view and drinking it in?

Notice I said ‘habitual’. I use ‘habitual’ because yes, it’s just become the norm, it doesn’t have to be ‘forever’. Why? Because you can change your mindset and your understanding of how your mind, body and soul works together to create these days we call life. Understanding the whole of what make’s you, YOU, released from any past assumptions and limiting thoughts, means you could be waking up and feeling something different. Perhaps, that something has truly shifted from your inside out. This new dawn of insight, understanding and motivation ripples through your inner thoughts, feelings and actions towards a different day and over time, a different life.

I believe, there is no need for anyone of us to stay stuck, feeling overwhelmed, pushed to exhaustion or just wondering why you’re living the same day over and over again. We’re all here to have an impact. Don’t let your challenges stop you getting to have the impact you want.

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