Today has been all about clarity. I’m half way through clarity calls with all those joining me next week on my Tune into you retreat.

What I love about the process of designing, facilitating and delivering a deeply transformational day, regardless of whether it’s one I’m producing myself or for a team in corporate, the gratitude I feel at this point, hearing individuals expectations is profound. I drop into a deeply nurturing ‘knowing’ that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, being myself in the magic of life, if indeed there is a big plan. It leaves me with a sense that every effort is the right next step on my path and all these people and the day are an important part, as important as the whole journey.

What gives me this experience is the dots connecting in each conversation. What it is about my own life, experience or story that intertwines with those participating, seeing clearly how each persons journey and life experience has something to offer everyone else who’s taking part and in a deeply profound way, and realising that in fact, all the moving parts in development, including who’s chosen to be there, is creating the perfect experience for each of us, including me.

Tune into you is about being your own sage guide or inner guru and remembering who you are in your essence. If it sounds like something you’d like to explore, booking is closed for next week’s event, but you can join us on the 29th November. Click here for more info 💫✨