A few lines on duality

Duality is, according to much more well reputed beings* than I, the very centre of human experience.

Life and death. Good and evil. Hope and resignation. It coexists in every person. The conflict between who we are and who we want to be, the core of the human struggle. And yet so many deny our dualistic nature. If I post this picture of me jumping on a trampoline today having fun, to some it might mean that my son having several sulks minutes before hand could not be true. If the latter was true, the I must be posing for the camera. So if I am genuinely enjoying myself bouncing on the trampoline, then it definitely couldn’t mean the day was a real challenge, for the whole family. Or does it? Both are true. To be happy and sad from one moment to the next. Flowing through opposite emotions, this is duality. For every picture about love, there is heartbreak. For every picture celebrating, there is fear of failure. For every moment there is both. Light and dark. In my case, because I choose to be grateful for the positive stuff. But I’m also grateful for the terrible stuff, not immediately but eventually, it’s necessary to learn and leave an old pattern or behaviour behind where it belongs. It doesn’t mean that anger and fear don’t exist. It does mean I practice letting-go so that none of this duality stops me in my tracks. And sometimes it does. When those I love live with the assumption that we are only one way or another. It saddens me. And yet, I’m not here to change anyone. Just myself and whomever wants support making changes they know they want. I can unveil hidden thinking, re-connect unseen patterns beyond the every day and steer my way through for others to benefit. So I’m always enjoying the multi-faceted spectrum of human qualities that give us a rich life. And I don’t mean dollars and pounds. With love 💕

*Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson