Tune into you: Sept Retreat

Thank you to everyone who joined me yesterday at my Tune into you Retreat. It was ‘Phenomenal’ to quote a participant in our closing comments.

We dived deep into relaxing, physically, mentally and spiritually through Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

We nurtured and replenished our chakra system and allowed the bowls on our body to reach more deeply into our aches and pains

We invited the energy of joy towards us more fully and embodied how this might be for us in our lives everyday

We were thoroughly nourished and loved with Claire Whatley’s healing Buddha bowls, snacks and treats all day.

We explored the relationship between feeling guilt, fear of rejection and receiving fully and revealed deeper truths to help us all untangle and dissolve our difficulties, moving to a place of strength

We invited our ancestors to align and support us in our next steps, honouring their gifts and resources to draw on and access from now.

Then we closed the day noticing this beautiful view from our space together 📷

Thank you for being all you are, the brave, the sceptical, the hopes and dreams and the beauty in relaxing, permission to receive and leave a little lighter.

💫 The next ‘Tune into you’ Retreat is the 29th November. Each retreat is co-created with those attending, so no two retreats are the same, but the intent to ‘tune in’ and replenish is true every time 😉 Click here to find out more.