R E A D Y ?

Ready for what? you ask…

Human beings wanting to make change most often fail because they aren’t ready, in others words they have some unconscious hidden loyalty to the staying as they are, the status quo or very often in the case of working with someone who wants to change, an entanglement to the undermining behaviour, assumption of belief.

I’m in ‘readiness’ mode. Getting ready for the next few steps towards 2020. What I’m feeling moved to do, be and say is going to take time to acclimatise to. Change between, beyond and within any focus on it.

Research shows that human beings change based on these factors; 40% outside of the activity and focus on the change, 30% down to the relationship with the person supporting you to make the change, 15% down to the tools applied and 15% down to hope, expectancy and the ‘placebo effect’. And yet change is inevitable. It is occurring around us all the time and within us if we look.

So enjoy getting ready. Enjoy the moment before. Take in the view and give yourself a moment without your inner critic telling you, you haven’t achieved today, because you have, you’re getting ready…💫