Let go


Every day we can let go and feel lighter or stay attached and weigh ourselves down.

Our bodies, the dense matter that they are, hold the key to letting go, in every mindful breath, every micro movement, every second we bring a certain quality to our attention.

Letting go, it isn’t so natural in our world of climbing. Climbing the education ladder, climbing the career ladder, climbing the anything we can imagine ladder. Seeking. Building. Growing.

The age of climbing and growing is over. It’s time to evolve.

Evolution requires breaking down, clearing out, starting over, letting go.

Just let go. I find genius in letting go. Letting go of old points of view, patterns, trauma, aches and pains, and anything else that weighs me down.

Let go. Unravel the wisdom within you. Hear your deepest truth.

Evolve. Get out of your head, bring awareness to your whole body, the exact moment of now.

I’ve let go of needing my singing bowls to create out of this world transformation. I’ve let go of the myth that guiding others into their own, lighter, free-er body and deepest truth is tiring.

I’ve let go into my own deepest truth. Want to join me?

Here’s your invitation to fully occupy your whole life, not just some of it. If you know that I’m your guide (working with me one to one) you can DM me to apply.

And if you’d rather work in a group with others, look out for ‘Body talk, the secret to unlocking your deepest secrets’ coming soon.