The illusion

For the most part our life is illusion, social conditioning, learned values based on belonging and safety, within which we create our own prison.
We sabotage, see only complicated stories and reasons why. It doesn’t satisfy our sense of self. It undermines and chips away at the small moments of realising our powerful heart centred endless capacity to live fully. We settle. Settle into what we don’t know we slowly begin to dislike, settle for what others might think best for us, settle for what we have loved and lost in some way.
In the corner of your perception there is a space, that once expanded allows the veil of illusion to lift or fall. We step into a new world beyond this one, that looks the same but operates more powerfully, powered by your life force, unleashed.
The sun and moon are not what you think they are. The planet and it’s history a version of a far larger truth than veils how magnificent we are.
I’m here as a guide, to untangle, unveil, unhook and stop in its tracks the patterns you’ve been unwittingly following unconsciously until now. Wake up. It’s worth it.
Are you ready to reveal who you truly are?