From stuck to unstuck

How do we get to what we don’t know we don’t know? One way to peek into that vast realm is the Stuck Exercise. As Arawana Hayashi, creator of Social Presencing Theater, says, “Everybody has a stuck.”
Everybody can pick a “stuck” in their life, a place where things are not moving forward, and use it to explore the body-based awareness practice.
The Stuck Exercise takes us away from our thinking process about an experience and into our “body-knowing” – the wisdom of the felt experience.
The practice comes from the field of Social Presencing Theater, a methodology of the Presencing Institute. If we suspend judgment and open up our minds and hearts by slowing down our mental chatter and go into stillness, if only for the blink of an eye, we can redirect our attention to the direct perception our body is offering us of the experience we are having.
This exercise is extremely useful for us to transform our inner world more easily. In these recent times of big changes, letting go helps traverse the way into who we’re becoming. It is especially powerful when witnessed by others to express ourselves in ways that are most personal to us which initiates our ability to metabolise emotions and changes more easily.
The session will be facilitated by Kathryn, and by registering to join me (using the link in this event) you agree to participate and support the co-creation of an online space for the highest good of everyone.
There are a limited number of places for this event.
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You will need to wear comfortable clothing to be free to move and sculpt your body from stuck to unstuck.
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