Every breath

Every breath we take is a movement that shows our deepest energy patterns in its nuanced unique way.
We are so connected to everything that our connection and unconscious attachment, to our energetic patterns in our bodies wider system, is mostly unseen in our every day activities.
Can you follow your breath with a quality of attention that enables your consciousness to see where the movement begins and ends. It’s origin source and it’s final resting on place and everything in between.
There is magic, new, transformative energy in this space. Just imagine what emerges from this space. Expanding the void, the nothing, the impossible to really see at all.
The world is full of niche by formula, copy cats and followers, seeking, reaching, rising and falling. Is there no other way? Does anything feel like it fits?
The truth is, no-one else’s advice, model, suggestion or direction can ever satisfy you. Even if it does for a while. As long as you let it. Eventually you’ll feel the dissatisfaction, possibly numbness to it not holding any magic anymore.
We’re forgotten how to honour our deepest truths. It lies in committing to live life through every single one. It’s as easy as a change of heart and the intention to live every minute of every day this way.
If I’m your guide into awareness of your own unconcious energy patterns and you’d like to practice delving into your own unique power, drop me a message.