The sounds that soothe the soul…

The sounds that soothe the soul are many…
They are exact words, pitches, musical notes, vibrations, frequencies and even silence in the order that speaks to your soul at its essence.
The soul’s code is just one thread in woven fabric of a plush complex patterned shawl. Weaving together with many other parts of us to create a moment in time. Often when unexplored or overlooked these threads can only cause a flash of alignment. But while we breath in and out from our human body there are many threads pulling on our attention, giving us messages, the intrinsic link to our soul in this life’s work can get forgotten and we forget who we are.
Our souls are coded with a few very simple messages, but the frequency in which our soul speaks to us is very often like receiving static over the void of airways yet to be connected with. When we do connect it is often drowned out by our experience of growing up, the social norms, family stories and indeed any other story we haven’t yet realised is just a story and so it acts as a barrier to our souls simple messages. It sounds complicated but it’s artfully simple when you realise that commitment and readiness to listen and a yearning for your soul’s movement is the main decision and the key to our evolution. It’s a decision not a point in time. Often confused or used as an excuse. Can you hear your soul calling?
Our Soul is coded with our values, desires and it becomes the template for our life’s journey, the world we perceive. The code is instructions that design the challenges and issues we face in this life that the soul makes sure we have to face and overcome. Ever felt that sense of de-ja-vu or like you keep coming back to the same lesson in different ways?
When I say soul, I don’t mean something or someone else, I mean you, having designed it this way. Your journey is unique to you, it’s not repeatable or modelled off something or someone else, it’s your soul code, your life, for a reason.
My genius is in the realm of soul work. You can experience my soothing sounds for the soul in digital meditations, group programmes and 1:1 coaching over 6 or 12 months.
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