Life isn’t a rehearsal

To ‘wing it’ means: to do or try to do something without much practice or preparation.
Every moment we’re winging it and you can steer your course in clarity and grace with awareness.
So what are you commited to?
Your wife or husband?
Your friends?
Your job?
Your business?
Your house?
Your passion?
Your hobby?
Your kids?
Your family?
Your habits?
Your assumptions?
Your stories?
Your needs?
Your comfort?
Your dreams?
Your safety and security?
Phew. How you feeling having read that?
Committing to things matters. It crafts what we want to make matter. It gives our lives texture and richness.
Commitment to things we’re unconscious of is how we trip ourselves up in drama, confusion, uncertainty and overwhelm. So what are you committed to?
If you’d like to see through the veil of your own unconscious, wielding the will of your conscious mind more specifically, to become the master of your ‘self’ and life then my upcoming 6 week course ‘Body Talk’ is for you.
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