Are you a lighthouse?

I’m in the business of transforming lamps into lighthouses.

Not letting anything stop us from our dream’s.

No matter what your dream’s, big or small, I’m pretty well versed at getting you, out of your own way.

Deep down our instinctual nature is often ignored, avoided or refused. It’s the part of us that has gut reactions, has whole body responses without a thought and is governed by the amygdala part of our brain.

It’s interwoven with our emotions and senses. For these are it’s guiding principles. Our instinctual nature is often misunderstood, blamed or holds us captive when left unattended to. It takes a different kind of intelligence to unlock its gold nuggets and unlimited resources.

Do you feel you’re becoming, but into what you cannot allow? Have you had the next big idea or goal and are, like a horse bucking with mixed signals, confused by your lack of movement forwards.

Are you pivotal in transforming other people’s lives but have reached a limit for yourself?

Lighthouses have a deeply connected foundation, a bright sustaining energy source and cast shadows behind the things their light touches.

Maybe someone or something has been alighted by your brightness and the shadow cast, that is hiding from your view has started whispering in your ear? Started to chisel away at your brightness.

Shadows are the fuel that when transformed emit more light than we can find in any replenishment. Be brave. Explore how far your lighthouse could reach.

What are you expanding into being?

If you’re in the business of transformation and have reached a limit to your capacity, this is for you. Master your intuition, embodied wisdom and emotional awareness to navigate your life boldly, unencumbered and in alignment with right now, even in turbulent times.

Body Talk is a 6 week course starting October. Join the wait list now for all the details upon release: