When your taste in candles out grows the size of your bath.

What are you growing out of?

In children it’s easy to see when they’ve clearly grown out of an item, developmentally, emotionally or physically. So what about adults? Do you notice when you’ve grown out of something? A belief, way of thinking, a paradigm, a philosophy, a place, a style or just something you used to identify with…

Do you grow out of something when it has a hole it, been used to it’s physical death or when it no longer serves?

Or do you select or even buy a replacement before saying adieu?

Maybe you hold on to that something special because it feels good to you or just familiar enough to keep it. Perhaps not giving a second thought as to whether it’s a good feeling that prevents you or supports you; because it could be either or both.

Perhaps you don’t pay attention to where you are, forget what you’ve grown out of, because just keeping up with the world around you is too much to ask of yourself.

Take a deep breath. Feel the sensation returning to your body. Notice the edges of your physical self. How is your skin, that holds all your bones, organs, tissues and more. How is it to pause and just rest in your body in this moment. Allow everything. Every thought, feeling, sensation, micro movement, just be.

What do you notice? Welcome to listening to yourself differently. Activating intelligences other than your cognitive mind. It’s slower. On purpose. And with practice it ignites power, activates your unique genius and allows ease in every moment.

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