There is a whispering on the wind

Between the things you pay attention to.

Between the obvious.

The must do.

The action and the thought.

It whispers in a different tongue.

It urges and carves your way, with few words or judgement because it’s of a different realm.

Do you hear it’s message to you?

Are you answering it’s call?

Am I speaking of what you suspect but would never entertain…

Or the whisper you ignore with mistrust and dust aim…

Can you follow so that you lead…

To the beat of your own heart

Do the invitations fill you with fear and dread or a sure silence to accept without a second thought…

Sometimes the wind is a breath, or a breeze or a calm before the noisy storm.

Out of sync and you’ll miss it. In its flow and you’ll carve a path you couldn’t have dreamt up until you are in it’s wake, enjoying the delights it has shown you.

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