In the beginning

I started life as a dancer

And to an extent I have never stopped dancing.

Over time I swapped dancing with the bar, pointe shoes, partners and ensembles with people’s psychology, different disparate parts of themselves, whimsical wishes and deepest desires.

And the dance was always clear to me.

The tension

The friction

The connection

The flow

The ease

The hold

The pace

The movement

The pause

The rise

The fall

The staccato

The poised placement

The shape

The letting it all go

The emotional and physical landscape unspoken of and always present.

There is a space beyond the dance that offers endless possibilities. Unseen fortunes and opportunities yet unimagined.

You’ll find me in this space these days, beyond the dance, between the drama and something new, playing with rules and taking my own direction. Come play with me…I have one spot open for 1:1 coaching from 7th September contact me if you’d like to explore.