Rising Fast requires the art of swiftly letting go.

Dismantling not just what you used to do, but who you were into who you can be. At speed. In my corporate career I changed jobs every year, no role was ever longer than 18 months. The only exceptions were 2 personal crisis that slowed me down. It was unusual, as reliability was usually questioned by the traditional, despite it I never failed in my effortless shape shifting.

I was observed by an ex-army leadership trainer in an education policy meeting once upon a time, he called me an ‘agitator’ afterwards. Not because I was protesting or rebelling per se, but because I couldn’t help myself but point out the extreme outcome of anyone’s remarks. It agitated the room, stopped then posturing and forced them into the severity and impact of their words. My role, wasn’t to piss people off, although I probably did, it was to make clear, in real time, the chaos of differing disparate voices and opinions so that a galvanising action was decided. Being called an ‘agitator’ really got to me at the time, because Peter (this ex-military leadership trainer) had seen me in my most raw and natural state, doing what seemed obvious to me. He meant it as a compliment but I took offence at the word being associated with a political or social gain back then.

Now, it’s plainly what I was and am, in my natural state. It’s also how I shape shifted and rose through my career, agitating the chaotic voices inside me to galvanise into something or someone else.What it took me years to notice is that it’s not a cause that creates this capacity in me. It’s honest truth being voiced and shed light on. In politics and business, the game is always afoot, and honest seering truth isn’t the first voice that shows itself. It’s also the most galvanising and powerful influence on a person or people, in its presence.In a time where dismantling is in fashion, be that redundancies, whole or parts of businesses, financial structures or global healthcare approaches, why not get really, really good at it?

What do you want to rise fast into?