When is the right time?

How do you know?

How long does something take or need to take?

What does ready look like?

Are you a slave to time or do you command it?

I work deeply. With your whole body, mind, soul and beyond system.

Often my work drops into past life echos, and always I’m working on patterns or held energy in a client that spans different layers of time. If this sounds odd, impossible or down right insane, then I’m not the person to guide or coach you.

I work in the space between. Where the relationship between how we hold our bodies and the thoughts we attach to, can be seen fully. Emerging into a chaos that disrupts, unhooks, makes unreal what’s been holding you back. Making conscious old patterns, archetypal patterns, lineage patterns, shining a light on them as we forage together in the dark. I enjoy excavating in the dark.

Making exquisite and intricate, what has been held, contorted and resisted as nightmares, possibly for years or lifetimes.In your nightmares hides your power. A potency to shift and transform like no other.In my work, and research back in the day, time was acknowledged as a universal law that governed our mind and could unhook and dissolve our challenges. It’s more than that. Time is a choice.

When, is a choice. Readiness is a decision.

Today a client returned, after over a year of having a session on account with me, and not being ready. Today she completely and utterly explored her nightmares in all their forms and was freed as they were seen completely.

Don’t believe the fairy stories, there’s nothing to fear in the dark, except yourself. What you fear, becomes you. Don’t become what you fear. You’re far scarier and powerful than anything you could fear.

I don’t mess about as a coach. But I’m also not judging how long it takes, or whether you’re ready or not. My clients readiness, needed over a year. It doesn’t have to. The time you decide you are ready is completely and utterly up to you.I’m dancing in the dark every day. Its my genius zone. When I don’t, life feels a little less alive. Want to join me?