The Information Age is Over

Most of my clients come to me because they refuse to be victims. This is most obvious when it’s something physical like loss of sight, miscarriage, menopause, circumstances of our physical body. My clients know they didn’t have to be victims to it and did whatever it took to see through the situation and own how powerful they are despite and because of it.

This wasn’t about researching their affliction or condition, although some did, this was about challenging the status quo. The nay sayers. The information they had been told was absolute, so they thought. This is why in my view, the information age is over. Why information will never quench anyone’s thirst for living fully. The wisdom and wealth of our own initiative is today’s currency. It doesn’t come from anyone else. My clients knew that if they could master their own energy, in difficult circumstances or not, that there would never be another barrier to stop them again. They could write their next steps instead of accepting what was assumed it would be.

To see through your limitations as a player, you have to watch your own game. My clients get really artful at this. Then I guide them to craft their own playing field beyond what they thought was possible and yet always knew somewhere inside.

Stop seeking information. Start crafting your own playing field.