The uprising.

People polarised. Split on different sides. Unable to see each other clearly.

The world is bigger than me, bigger than family, bigger than business and bigger than the planet we call home. 

The complete view is complicated, always underestimated and unfathomable to just our minds.

Perhaps our collective minds, collective bodies, collective beings might stand in the truth of the unfathomable,

Even if it’s just for a moment in time. 

But never alone. In one view or the other. Only in the power of including all. 

The survival force that was our beginning as human beings on this earth still runs thick and fast through our veins.

Over time, turning, transforming and expanding our world in conflict.

But now is the time for respect, honesty and truthful acknowledgment of what is.

The crisis we see outside is just your inner worlds are calling.

The conflict you avoid within is the barrier to your impact.

Unheard voices uprise.

Do you call to arms?

Do you stand up and shout?

Do you call it someone else’s war?

Do you stand in the difficulty and experience your truth, so you can recognise your part of the whole picture?

There really is only one choice. 

It’s time.

Choose beyond limited perspectives of survival, choose beyond hurt, choose beyond our own agenda’s and stand beyond the difficulty we created.

[Inspired from a week of coaching and facilitating equality and diversity issues]

Egyptian goddess Isis: Symbolises rebirth

Human being or just autopilot

As human beings we have a capacity to make our imagination a reality in a way that’s unique to us and yet it’s also the biggest barrier to our success.

Our range and influence, given this capacity, means we cannot begin to even imagine what we are unconsciously connected to or even attending to without a curiosity about how our mind and psyche creates our reality, beyond what we accept right now.

We mistake the way we find the world as the rules of the game instead of opportunities to make our own decision about. Until we challenge our current reality, our creativity and imagination cannot be fully activated. We are experts at limiting our creativity and imagination. Managing it rather than wielding it.

Meditation and mindfulness are ways to train your mind to pay attention to what you want it to. It is just a way to build your capacity to choose what you pay attention to. The reason it’s in my repertoire of skills is because, the quality of someone’s thinking impacts their results. Shedding light to what’s outside of our awareness improves the quality of our thinking. And yet, we accept that in this day and age, we need our brains to run on ‘autopilot’, letting our brain operate out of our awareness. But even that is just an assumption. And within that lies the reason we stop our creativity and imagination.

We close ourselves to any possibilities of who, what and how we could be when autopilot is redundant. We replaced ‘autopilot’ with all sorts of technology to save us time. So why we still employing it?

What you pay attention to, is a valuable commodity. Whether you’re on autopilot with predictable behaviour or in control of your attention and deciding what happens next, is the key to having a competitive edge.