One Woman Conference 2018


Here I am with 40 other women, ready to support 500 women who joined us at the One Woman Conference 2018, Victoria Park Plaza, the weekend before last.

Why on earth was I doing that? Well, I’m One Of Many Certified Women’s coach’s so I felt  well placed to be supporting. But I’m also leading the change I’d like to see in the world and the One Woman Conference is all about empowering women from all walks of life. This is what gets me out of bed of a morning 😉 As women, we have an innate ability to create communities and networks that effect change, we’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and I often forget the magic, our ability to come together, to collaborate and inspire each other. And so we did, all weekend. For which, I worked in the largest team of women I’ve ever experienced and loved it.

I invited a few of my clients who are familiar with One of Many women’s tools and a few who had no idea but were interested in what the conference had to offer. The experience for them all was positive and helped them all step towards who they aspire to be in world. Led by Dr Joanna Martin, Susie Heath and Annie Stoker, we celebrated taking off the mask, showing all of who we are and making a positive impact in the world because of it.

Personally, I was so moved by the Lead the Change Awards, which celebrated my fellow sisters who have, and continue to make, huge changes in the way they are in their life, work and the world as a result. Two of whom are in my circle (that meets every month) to grow and learn and support each other. Lise-Anne led her town to stop using single use plastics and invited us all to do the same. Margaret, inspired by her sister loosing access to funding for basic skills, set up a charity CABS (Cardiff Adult Basic Skills) to raise money to fund the provision that had been taken away. Read Margaret’s story here. For all the women I got to meet, either for the first time, or are clients, or have been by my side through the journey with One of Many, it’s humbling to see us all go through profound internal change so that we might enjoy a ripple effect in the way we are at home, at work and in other peoples lives. I know I’m feeling it. There are too many women who inspire me to write in one article and I haven’t even touched on the phenomenal panel of women who came to join us. Joining Jo onstage were Danusia Malina-Derben, Founder of School for Mothers; Eve Hepburn of Fearless Femme, Meenal Sachdev of the Shiva Foundation and Elaine Wilkins of The Chrysalis Effect. You can check out more about the conference on One Of Many facebook feed.

I’m left feeling deeply connected to my purpose in the world, joyous about the opportunities to collaborate with women I admire and excited about the kind of world we might find ourselves enjoying in years to come, as more of us step up and stand for what means the most to us.

Missed out and want to join us next time? It’s live in London, March 2-3 2019 and you can join the priority waiting list here.

If you’re interested to hear more about the Women’s Powertypes, how they affect our leadership in all areas of our life and what they could do for you, then get in touch here or book a call, I’d be happy to share more about it.


Ever answered – I don’t know?


I came across this response to a person saying ‘I don’t know’ on Nick Williams website and I was interested in his take on it because I realise ‘I don’t know’ had perhaps become my mantra…

“When faced with the statement ‘I don’t know’, I often find that (when I delve a little deeper) these words hide at least three other dynamics. Firstly, they may mean, ‘I do have an idea – or several ideas – about my response, but I have no strategies for making my answer happen. I don’t know how I could realise my answer or how if it would work.’ So don’t fall into the trap of confusing ‘I don’t know what’ with ‘I don’t know how’.
Secondly, ‘I don’t know’ can mean, ‘I’m afraid to know. Unhappy as I am, this situation is familiar to me. Becoming clear about the next step would be scary for me, so I’d rather stay confused, thank you! If I became clearer about what I want, I’d have to do something about it.’
Thirdly, the phrase can mean, ‘I want a bolt of lightning to come down and make it really clear for me. I am waiting for God and the Universe to write it on a twenty-foot-high billboard in words I understand, which will then give me permission to act. I don’t want to have to go out looking, or research, explore and then trust myself to make a decision. I am afraid to know myself and take greater responsibility for my life!’ ‘I don’t know’ often signifies fear-masked, confused thinking, indicating a need for us to take a clear and honest approach.”
I realised my own ‘I don’t know’ has been just another pattern that I’ve got into the habit of repeating. Believing it, kept me stuck. For me, I was doing the third dynamic. It’s funny, I captured this passage by Nick Williams nine years ago (!) and I never really ‘got’ the third dynamic. I could read the words, I thought I understood, but it didn’t connect with me inside. There was no resonance my own experience of life. This was simply because I, as Nick puts it, didn’t ‘want to have to go out looking, or research, explore and then trust myself to make a decision. I am afraid to know myself and take greater responsibility for my life.’ Turns out I’ve been doing this very well for longer than I’d like to admit and (unconsciously) choosing not to see it. What can I say, it was keeping me safe. So safe, I might add, that I couldn’t see who I was anymore. And that’s not to say my saying ‘I don’t know’ won’t rear it’s head again in my lifetime. But I’m wise. Well slightly wiser than last week, or month. And I have some really powerful tools and an amazing community to help me stay aware, accountable and continue to gain wisdom about my repetitive thoughts, feeling and habits now. It’s taken time.
So if you’re pretending you don’t know or are afraid to become clear about something big in your life. I encourage you, as I am myself, to say ‘I don’t know yet’. One word can make the world of difference to your mindset and I’ve got some awesome tools to help…
Of course, I’ll face ‘I don’t know’ again! I’m looking out for it now with curiosity 😉