Sound Therapy in Person is Back!

Join Kathryn from @soothingsoundsforthesoul, for an evening of gentle release and letting go.

Our whole body, mind and soul system can find modern life demanding without giving ourselves a space to release, untangle and relax more deeply. 

This gentle evening will allow your troubles, ‘stuck’ feelings and/or unconscious entanglements, that we inadvertently collect day to day, to melt and soften and ease you into a lighter version of yourself. 

These classes are for everyone, no matter your experience with meditation. For those who enjoy classes regularly the benefits of receiving Tibetan Singing Bowls include:* Deep relaxation
* Peace and clarity of mind
* Improved focus
* Feeling of renewal for your whole well-being.

This session is designed for people who would like to encourage balance in your body, mind and soul, open up your sensory experience to modalities that we don’t access or use very often, as well as support your personal and spiritual development.I’d like you to be as comfortable as possible, so please wear clothing you’re happy moving and lying down in and also please bring:

☝️H2O and mat to lay on
☝️Pillow and blanket for you to be comfortable

📋 Booking in advance only, as space is limited.

✔️ Email to book.

💰 Investment £20

📍 Studio 24, Northfield Road, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire GU52 6ED

🚗 Free parking available behind the studio and in front of the arcade of shops.

🎶What is the Stuck Exercise🎶

How do we get to what we don’t know we don’t know? One way to peek into that vast realm is the Stuck Exercise. Everybody can pick a “stuck” in their life, a place where things are not moving forward, and use it to explore this body-based awareness practice. The Stuck Exercise takes us away from our thinking process about an experience and into our “body-knowing” – the wisdom of the felt experience. The practice comes from the field of Social Presencing Theater, a methodology of the Presencing Institute.

🎶 What’s involved in a Singing Bowl Meditation? 🎶

Unlike conventional meditation, Tibetan Singing Bowl meditations are enjoyed laying down. You’re free to sleep, dream, move if needed and are encouraged to focus on your breath and the sounds of the bowls to enjoy deep relaxation and release. 

Why integrate embodied movement with sound therapy? 

Embodied awareness and sound therapy are two different disciplines which are extremely effective at transforming our inner world more easily. In these recent times of big changes, letting go helps traverse the way from ‘who we were’ into ‘who we’re becoming’. It is especially powerful in the presence of others. If we suspend judgment and open up our minds and hearts by slowing down our mental chatter and go into stillness, if only for the blink of an eye, we can redirect our attention to the direct perception our body is offering us of the experience we are having.

Facilitated by an integrative therapist and coach, this evening will support us all to express ourselves in ways that are most personal to us, which initiates our ability to metabolise emotions and changes more easily. 

If you have any questions or queries before the class, I welcome them all. 

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What are you rejecting?

Ever heard a truth about you that you deny or your head suspects is true but your body rejects it?

Your body has rejected some truth that it’s been subjected to when you:

Find yourself in a bad mood.

Get overwhelmed.

Find your emotions are extreme and don’t regulate.

Want to fight back.

Get judgmental of others.

Get judgemental of yourself.

Your whole day is labelled ‘bad’.

Or perhaps week is ‘bad’.

Or maybe it’s been going on for far longer than that?

We’re here to integrate our truths. Not have our bodies reject them and leave us in some form of hell.

Even just noticing begins integration. If you want to finesse this different language of listening to yourself to guide you, you know how to contact me.