W H A T I F…


How does your body, mind and soul respond to that? Have you scrolled to something else already. Is it digestible as a concept to your system? Are you attracted to the sentence so you’re still reading. Or perhaps (excuse language) internally *bullshit* was coughed up quietly and you’re reading this with a skeptics ‘test this out’ perspective?

I woke up tired today 🤷🏼‍♀️. My son was tired. We were late for school ⏱. It felt like the universe was conspiring 🛑. And as my head kicked in to ramp up my thinking, problem solve the 30 mins of my day lost and start to consider long-standing issues that I realised were no business of mine 🙈. I stopped myself. In fact I stopped walking at high speed and consciously took a deep breathe 🥰. With that I chose to change direction, not in my plans for the day but in perception of the problem. What if life is effortless. What if I am in the driving seat for making that so? What if I lost 30 mins for a reason. What if it’s an invitation to enjoy an effortless day. What if forces beyond my consciousness were giving me signals that if I just surrendered into, clarity could emerge.

🌈 My day didn’t look anything like the diary and to do list as a result, but it did connect me with some very different decisions, in collaboration with others, in sustaining my energy for the day, and has made space for clarity on my mission, purpose and priorities.

💫 So what if life is effortless for you? What does ‘effortless’ feel like to you? Can you embrace that, digest it, incorporate it into your belief system? Into the value you place on living? Where might that lead you?

If an effortless life is so far from your experience, imagining it is difficult, get in touch…I don’t have any openings to coach right now, but I’m just one of many coach’s I can put you in touch with👌

📸 On location working at the Millenium Madgeski Reading today.

Join me: 29th November

If you’re wondering about joining us for my ‘Tune into you’ retreat: 29th November. Here’s a wonderful testimony for the results from a past participant…

‘Over the last few years I’ve noticed patterns of behaviour at home and work that have left me feeling burdened and resentful. As someone who “lives in my head” I’d been relying on thinking, reframing and rationalising to break these patterns but the results were only ever short lived. I came to realise I’d need to look beyond logic to really embody long-term change. After attending a couple of Kathryns’ deeply relaxing Tibetan singing bowls classes, I signed up for her ‘Tune into You’ one day retreat.

Kathryn created a magical, nurturing day – providing a safe space for all present to be open to whatever came up for them. I was blown away by the deep transformation I experienced, which Kathryn facilitated and supported with intuition and tremendous sensitivity.

Since the retreat I feel a veil has lifted and I can see how my well intentioned behaviours have not only derailed my own goals but also held back those I was trying to help. I have found the clarity and courage to have difficult but much needed conversations with loved ones, and the certainty and self trust in my communications have helped others take back ownership of issues I’d been holding for them. I cannot thank Kathryn enough for helping me find my voice’ KR