Group Coaching Collective

Four month transformational programme for women

Are you ready to make a big shift in your life and mean business about doing it? Perhaps you’re extremely comfortable and successful in your career but balance between the personal the professional evades you? This group coaching program will call to you if you run a business that has plateaued and you know you need support to take it to the next level. Perhaps you dream of the ultimate lifestyle in which you have it all and have no idea where to start re-designing your life? Perhaps you’ve tried several careers and feel lost, but are called to something bigger?

Then it’s time to join my group coaching collective, for women seeking beauty in their life and work and are no longer willing to sacrifice missing it.

What exactly is the Group Coaching Collective?

It’s a group coaching programme for women who mean business about finding the beauty within themselves to change their small or big part of the world.

This is the next step in your personal and professional development if you are:

  • Tired of hearing your own excuses for why you’re not where you know you could be, doing what you know you are capable of.
  • Ready to step into your own unique style of confidence and leadership – whether quietly spoken, or raising the roof – knowing your contribution is equally important.
  • Want to achieve a shift in yourself which will impact your most important relationships and quality of life for the better.

Why do you need it?

Because you have struggled, pondered, wondered and/or procrastinated at creating a major shift/transformation in an area of your life which is causing you frustration. The program focuses on letting go of limiting habits however they show up for you, so you can you can access more clarity and ease at creating better results with less push and effort.

Reason 1

The fear of failing is far worse to endure than the acknowledging your current situation. the truth of it for you and from there, allowing yourself and the actions needed to unfold. If you don’t recognise this as playing a part in the problem, then support, accountability and a different point of view that you receive from this programme will ensure your success.

Reason 2

I know, that as women, we have a long history of our place in the world being different, less or undeserving and this program will help you challenge all those unconcious, limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours and connect with other women who will be on the learning journey with you. Many life long friends are made with peers on group coaching programmes. You won’t regret it.

Reason 3

This women’s group coaching collective helps you access a new kind of power, soft power, to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to you. You’ll have all the tools, resources and a network that will enable you to make the change for yourself at your own pace.

What makes this group coaching collective the best experience?

  1. It’s designed by women for women
  2. It’s about doing less, not more
  3. I don’t just teach strategy, I teach powerful habits, tips and techniques that you can take away and use for life
  4. No-one else on the planet is teaching this. One Of Many TM coaching is the most cutting edge advice on effectiveness for women on the planet.
  5. The programme is taught with step-by-step easy to use processes, tools, techniques and habits.
  6. Recorded group coaching video calls will be available and accessible to all participants for life


  • 3 coaching sessions 1:1, two at the beginning and one at the end of the programme, valued at £600
  • 14 hours of coaching sessions with a maximum of 6 people in a group, valued at £1,750
  • Soft Powertype Profile and 1 hour debrief to ensure you have immediate insights and actions, valued at £149
  • Soft Powertype Cards, valued at £20
  • Lifetime access to all the meditations, worksheets, handouts and our closed facebook group to connect and receive support when needed.

Total Value = £2,519

Only Six available spaces. Group programmes occur only 4 times a year.

TOTAL PACKAGE = £1497.50

with an extra gift worth £200 as a thank you.

OR £650 deposit and 4 monthly payments of £211.88

What does group coaching look like?

As much as possible, I will make sure that groups have a common situation or required outcome to help synergy. However, the magic of group coaching is the respect, growth and compassion from more than just ‘the coach’, demonstrating more diverse behaviours and ways of being in the world as well as the group holding each other to account.

Application Process

To enable the best outcomes for everyone involved, this programme involves an application process which involves completing your power type profile and initial application call to understand your intentions and what expectations you have from participating.

Session 1

  • Initial discovery session 1:1, to truly understand what you’re looking to achieve and how best I can sculpt the group coaching programme to suit you and those you’re learning with.

Session 2

  • Group coaching, over zoom, face to face, as if we’re all in the room together to agree group coaching ground rules, discuss and agree confidentiality, and begin to explain the soft power paradigm and what to expect from the group coaching over the course of the programme

Session 3

  • Individual session to understand your individual starting point and how we will know you have achieved your outcome at the end of group coaching.

Session 4 -8

  • Group coaching continues weekly, deep understanding of the women’s powertypes discussed and applied, tools shared and practiced, meditation or release processes, with weekly individual homework to integrate.

1:1 Session 9

  • Review, integration coaching and next steps

Session 10

  • Final group session, reflect, review, develop strategies for integration going forward, support network planning and understand healthy endings.